EXCLUSIVE: Raging Rodgers ‘ready to walk’ over banner embarrassment

Brendan Rodgers could be willing to sensationally quit Scottish football over ‘pro IRA banner’s’ bearing his image.

Sources close to the Celtic manager have revealed that the 44-year-old Northern Irishman was ‘disgusted’ and ’embarrassed’ by the banners that appeared in the Green Brigade section for their game against Linfield.

And he has apparently held private talks with the club and close friends insinuating that he would walk away if incidents like it continued to happen.

The former Liverpool boss went on record prior to the game in Belfast to talk about how much Northern Ireland had moved on and how much he wanted both sets of fans to prove that.

So now after the pro-IRA banners and chants coming from the stands last week he feels like he has been left looking stupid and with major egg on his face.

One of the signs in section 111 showed an image of Rodgers imposed on a sniper at work sign that could be seen all over parts of Ireland during the troubles.

In an official statement released from Celtic Rodgers said: “It’s really disappointing that we are talking about stadium safety and paramilitary banners rather than our progress into the next round of Europe.

“The fans have a responsibility to behave in the stadium and I would urge everyone involved to see the damage this is causing to the club. Hopefully this is a wake-up call.

“The players thrive on the cauldron that the fans create at Celtic Park but there are clearly boundaries that you can’t step over. Everyone knows that pyrotechnics, unacceptable banners and ignoring stewards who are enforcing basic stadium safety measures are simply not on. I really hope that the fans take this on board. It would be a real shame if they forced the club to take more permanent action to ensure safety and protect the Club’s standing in European football, which is what we should all be aiming to promote.”

The Green Brigade section has been closed for two games as a result and the team will now be without their vocal backing for the crunch Champions League tie against Rosenborg.

In a statement the ultra group promised to be back inside Celtic Park soon and never to allow the club to ‘dilute their politics’.

What do you think about this issue ?

Will the Green Brigade have to make some compromises to get back to their recent standing with the club and wider support ?

Have the club and Rodgers and UEFA over reacted on this one?

Or should this be the Green Brigade’s days at Celtic Park finished for good?

Let us know in the comments.

70 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Raging Rodgers ‘ready to walk’ over banner embarrassment”

    1. Absolutely sickening travelled to game with h friends and police Scotland is a joke too. We had kids at 5-6 with us in Linfield section that were in tears as these so called football fans pretended to shoot them as the police looked on , 10 times in 6 years !!! Celtic should be put out off Europe for this behaviour, if it was Rangers there would off been a public uproar SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET AGAIN ,, great stadium good manager DISGUSTING BIGOTED FANS , surely Celtic themselves must do something about this so called green brigade. Who’s searching these people. I mean the banners are 20 foot. How they even getting them into the ground it’s 2017 and they still sing Ira sings & wave Ira banners. Simply no class ,, UEFA need to kick them out off the competition never mind stupid fines. Absolutely glorifying terrorists!! When the British isles is under attack. SCOTLANDS REAL SHAME CELTIC FC.

  1. I think rodgers is bang on it must be very embarrising having your face on a sick banner.i also think eufa are being soft as a full shut down of celtic park for 2 european games but they know if they do that they would lose money.rangers got a fine for throwing paper but this is worse from the barmy army sfa should step in to celtic seem to only get a silly fine which is nothing so shut the park down for 2 european games and sfa should shut it down to

  2. Now you might think that once these kids starr start getting their end away they will disappear never to be seen in that part of the ground again and you would probably be right …but remember they will immidiately be replaced by younger up and coming attention seekers who cant play football like other cooler jack the lads of their age …and then theres the uggs ..they are there for years ..life even … No ..the only option is to shut the place down … but i fear that like achne celtc have created a problem that just wont go away

  3. Everyone is entitled to their own personal political views however the political views displayed are not those of Celtic FC or the majority of their fans and have no place at the stadium or to be anyway connected to Celtic. If certain members of the Green Brigade cannot deal with this they should not be allowed into the stadium

  4. I don’t agree with the IRA stance the green Brigade are taking, this is a thing of the past, but it must also be noted that Scotland allows the Orange Order to march our streets and spill their hate against Catholics, this is not confined to a football stadium, but in the public domain, and when I say this is a thing of the past, we’re talking 327 years ago, deal with this first, what do we expect when the BRITISH Government does deals with the D.U.P. 12th July bonfires with with Celtic players jerseys and photographs being set fire to , and from the stands of Ibrox songs of Famine, child abuse, racism against Sinclair, attacks on Lennon and despite TV evidence guy was found not Guilty, bottles, batteries, coins thrown at Griffiths and yet been found guilty of tying scarf to goal post AFTER game was finished, and also booked for not taking corner when missiles were flying about him, now as I wrote earlier I do not condone what the green brigade are doing regarding the IRA, but the green brigade do a lot for charities which goes unnoticed except within the Celtic family itself, there is more furor from the press regarding a banner, than there is about the crooks running THE RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB COMPANY whatever so is it any wonder the way it is now

    1. Why is it whenevr Celtic get fun oot about something their fans slightly address it then give a whole essay about Rangers Bad?

      Why not just say this is shocking as a club we must deal with this?

      Isn’t it tiring constantly keeping up with what other clubs are doing?

      How’s Partick Thistle?

    2. Robert wise up trying to justify it by bringing the orange order into it !! Wake up n smell the coffee suppose the Queens fault too.

      1. WTF has the Orange Order got to do with this, Once again Celtic have been found out, bitter anti British, Imagine you were a member of a proud Scottish Regiment and a Celtic supporter how to hell would you feel watching and listening to the IRA support within Celtic Park.. DISGRACEFUL!

    3. All about the Rangers as usual,this has nothing to do with Rangers, your club has a problem and you want to blame everyone else

    4. Since you have went off subject does that mean ALL marching bands I.e Hibs walks were some ppl wear ski masks as part of their attire should be banned too ???

    5. Deflect any deny theses flags where all over the stadium I saw at least 20 starry ploughs the official flag of the IRA nothing said about these and what’s the orange order got to do with this you bigoted piece of filth I would shut down the sorry excise if a club for good #celticfootballclub #scotlandsshame #pedophiles

  5. Iam disgusted with this display of paramilitary publicity. Please , please, let N.Ireland move on to better times! The behaviour , e.g. banners, etc @ the Linfield game, Parkhead, is totally unacceptable as far as I’m concerned. Don’t get me wrong, Linfield are guilty, too, also Rangers, party songs about a seventeenth century battle, my God! But two wrongs don’t make a right, either! So come on Tim Alloy,; dob in these mongrels who sully the name of CELTIC FOOTBALL CLUB!

  6. Surely if that serious about green brigade do away with section that was set aside for them for all that is good in scottish football and society archaic things such as this must be stopped . The songs if offensive but can be drowned out but these banners are there for all to see

  7. This Club has been at the centre of controversy over numerous occasions with their fans letting them down at every turn Mr Rodgers is right no man should be subject to having being associated with such horrible banners but this Green Brigade seem to be untouchable when trying to censor them for their singing if murderous sectarian songs and the vile banners they bring to the ground don’t they see that the footballing world is now watching what those fools will do next instead of watching and reporting on the football the club are being fined at every turn from EUFA and I’m of the opinion that the club didn’t take their ticket allocation due to the fans not being to behave . Sad really when the beautiful game is marred by the actions of morons

  8. It seems one sided affair when the sfa snp leader only sees it nothing was done about the effigies during suicide awareness Celtic doesn’t support the poppy when even there own players fought n died for there country in ww 1

  9. Boot tbem out for good im a celtic fan but theres no place for that its a sad day how a section of fan are ruining an tarnishing the clubs name it time the gb went enoughs enough get them out before we end up with no manager

  10. Could somebody enlighten me how they managed to get two huge flags into the stadium.
    But credit where credits due, they made a super job, considering they were only using their crayons that santa brought them.

  11. Time for the gb to go. Its sad how a section of so called fan are ruining and tarnishing our clubs name enough is enough they have to go for good. This is no good enough and think we will be lucky to keep the manager through this get them ouf…

  12. So every men at work sign is a sniper at work symbol, what a load of rubbish , the banner showed brendan with his hands aloft symbolising ten in a row was work in progress, the other banner depicted an ira volunteer which had no wording , which could be deemed unacceptable to some , the punishment from celtic is set with uefa still to have there say.

  13. Are these guys going to watch a game of football and support their team? After all this is sport. Or is their agenda to go and make political offensive statements?

  14. I’m afraid the Celtic board will not act on this issue,it must be down to the real power brokers EUEFA to eradicate this cancer.Mr Lawell has huffed and puffed for years now saying he’d do this,ban that,cut out another,but absolutely nothing has been done,the SFA are every bit as guilty by sitting on the fence time,upon time,upon time.

  15. Boot them into touch!!!
    Waste of space Plenty of decent fans desperate for season tickets so there would be no financial loss to Celtic

  16. Ban them full stop, Glasgow Celtic are a Scottish team, born in Scotland raised in Scotland and play in Scotland end of.

  17. The Green Brigade would be well advised to reflect that the people they hold in great esteem, murdered many men women and children. The people responsible for said mayhem, slaughter and carnage, have accepted that their violent campaign of terrorism, was futile and was never justified, and never can or should be. They are now engaged in politics, as mostly they have put their guns and ecplosives away. They still need to mature and grow up in the world of politics, but it is better than the slaughter and carnage they used to engage in. Celtic Football Club, has a proud history, unfortunately the Green Brigade and the people they hold in such esteem try to rewrite history, facilitated by politicians, the media, police and courts. Celtic Football Club have a responsibility to salvage the tattered and stained reputation of their club. Enough is enough. If you want to fly banners supporting terrorists, do it at one of the many commemoration services that glorify these cowards, their are many events held in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

  18. Yes to put Brendon next to the other banner was a mistake, but above it stated undefeated as Celtic are.Also the clubs paper the Celtic view has used the red triangle on its front page saying Celtic park a no go area.people are stirring trouble they can’t talk about our great team.Maybe if the focus was what happened in Windsor park anti catholic chants a few yearsnights before they burned effigies of scot Sinclair.Celtic flags pictures of the pope but no turn the tables on Celtic.Maybe it should be asked why the large police presence around the green brigade that obviously hurt the fans as there is never such as many police out in force.

    1. Anti-Catholic chants? FFS we hear nothing but anti-protestant chants coming from celtic fans…..is that okay in your book? Hun this, Hun that…Orange B this Orange B that….and that’s aimed at Dundee, Hearts, Airdrie etc fans…….

  19. If I had to choose between the green brigade or Brendan then I would close the safe standing section and say find another place to promote your political views. In Brendan I trust

  20. Let the Green Brigade go we have a manager that could make us a force in Europe again don’t lose him for political point scoring

  21. Absolutely no room at Parkhead for the Green Brigade. They have been an Embarrassment too Celtic and Scotland for years.

  22. I’ve supported Celtic for over 60 years but I’ve constantly found the singing of pro IRA songs cringeworthy & embarrassing for years & that’s sitting at home watching the games on TV.
    I said to the wife after the game it wouldn’t surprise me if Brendan walked out over this & who would blame him?
    We could yet be kicked out of the CL because of it.
    Are the GB trying to destroy Celtic.
    If so they’re doing a very good job of it.
    Grow up for God’s sake.

  23. Green brigade are a big part of the atmosphere at Celtic park defo better place with them there but they need 2 rein it in a bit . If that’s true it will be a big disappointment if Rodgers goes with something stupid and avoidable like that .

  24. There o need for banners at football games as such Brendan Rodgers doing a fantastic Job as manager and all fans should accept his rules H H .x

  25. While I agree the banners were wrong and totally condemn sectarian behaviour I am disgusted and dazzled at how this us being exploited by the media. The converted sign showing Rodgers is a universal men at work sign and been used globally to depict this. How it’s described as an IRA sign as if they exclusively used it is simply a total agenda driven mistruth. Stop blowing this out of proportion and making threats as if the the world wad ending. Green Brigade should know better and be brought to the table and told in no uncertain terms it stops now. Sectarianism has no place at Paradise and the Irish question indeed it’s history is being being contaminated by its misrepresentation in a sporting environment. I support human rights and agree with raising the Palestinian cause on a world platform as the history of Celtic is embedded in injustices and discrimination. HH

  26. Who is that Brendan Rodgers trying to kid. He has just made himself to be a lier . He told the press that he didn’t see any banner. And now he says that he will walk out on ciptic . What a two faced man he is. And FIFA should kick them out for what they have been doing. As fines are not making any different to the club. And no one will ever stop it happing again. As it is riddled with in the club. And they fans support the IRA as well as the club dose . So Brendan Rodgers stop talking a load of pish . And tell everyone the truth for a start

  27. No they shouldn’t be banned, they need to accept that this behaviour , these effigies nd banners is not acceptable at the ground of Celtic football club.
    Hope this is enough to bring this to an end. HH

  28. The line has been crossed when the manager has personally been out on such a banner.
    Boundaries have to be sorted

  29. It is so sad that they have come to this. This is the work of evil, those who began this provocation will be laughing their sick heads off at this, and the idiots who are keeping it going should be penalised.

  30. The Green Brigade have no place in Parkhead Glasgow Celtic FC have no aligance to the troubles in NI if the Green Brigade knew the history the would be aware the football club fed the poor of Glasgow regardless of religion. This section of supporters cost us money in fines our reputation and bring Celtic FC into disrepute

  31. This group must be banned from all football games! They are Neanderthals, promoting religious hatred! It’s sickening in this day and age, they need to be stopped. Same goes for any other club that allows this to continue!

    1. This is moderate if you change any of this you are part of the problem. So don’t sugar coat the truth!

  32. this has been going on for a life time and never seems to stop banners should be made to have funny things and a bit of banter ;;how many of the so called the green brigade will take notice don’t forget wasn’t all that long ago they were banned but somehow got back in to it again im a rangers fan and love the banter and the excitement of an old firm match but these vile banners should be banned along with the owners who show them

  33. The comments in this thread merely highlight much that is bad in Scotland these days. The general spelling, grammar, and punctuation throughout is appalling.

    This goes to show the complete failure of the education system in Scotland. The warning signs were there long before the so-called Green Brigade embarrassed themselves with their ‘BLOOSTAINED POPPY” banner.

  34. The GB need to “Man Up” and apologise to the huge majority of Celtic Fans for this potential disaster! We, as a Team, cannot afford to let Brendan go!
    If they persist in this idiocy and self belief that that can do as they please – and they do believe that – then kick them into touch and don’t give them the oxygen to spout their crap on this subject!
    By all means support the team and continue to be different, but toe the line and don’t bring THEIR politics to Celtic Park!

  35. Simple. Ban Celtic from Europe and SFA censure them for bringing Scottish football into disrepute. Celtic cannot (Will not) deal with this on their own as the club and the fans have been steeped in support for the IRA’s murder campaign for decades. IRA support is linked with Celtic support and vice-versa. Everyone knows this but it continues to be the elephant in the room. A shameful club at best.

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