Exclusive Poll: Over 60% of Glaswegians back YES for IndyRef 2

Nicola Sturgeon will be grateful for some welcome good news in the shape of Scotland’s biggest and most influential city being still as enthusiastic as ever in the fight for political independence.

Scotland’s First Minister has came in for a bit of a bruising since the general election that seen the SNP lose over 20 seats in almost every part of Scotland.

But the former Labour stronghold of Glasgow is one city that remained loyal to the Scottish Nationalist Party and now it seems are still ready to back Scotttish independence as soon as soon Sturgeon fires the starter gun.

An exclusive poll by The Glasgow Gospel has found that 56% of Glaswegians said they vote yes if an independence referendum was tomorrow and 35% said they vote no.

And when you strip away the undecided that leaves yes at 60.5% and no at 39.5%.

In the aftermath of the election results, that seen the SNP lose big hitters like Angus Robertson and former leader Alex Salmond, some people came to the conclusion that the issue of independence was the reason so many people had turned away from Sturgeon.

But it now seems clear that a surge in popularity for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was the number one reason that they haemorrhaged so many votes from 2015.

The SNP were elected to Holyrood on a mandate of having another referendum if the country is taking out of the EU against our will by English votes.

But now, despite the Scottish parliament voting in favour of a 2nd vote, the plans seem up in the air with Theresa May losing her majority and looking less likely to be able to bring through her ‘hard brexit’ plans.

The Scottish Greens have also confirmed they are ready to back a yes vote once again.

Do you think the Scottish government should hold Indy Ref 2 ? Or leave it on the back burner until other issues sort themselves out ?

And if there was a referendum held tomorrow how would you vote ?

Let us know in the comments.

63 thoughts on “Exclusive Poll: Over 60% of Glaswegians back YES for IndyRef 2”

  1. Scottish Government should go ahead with plans for indy ref 2 and I will vote Yes when this vote goes ahead

  2. Once voters realise the mess the Tories are in and the way Brexit negotiatings are affecting the country as a whole…..Scots will be begging for an opportunity to “shoot the craw”

  3. The SNP are the party of INDEPENDENCE, so of course they have a right to include it in every mandate they so choose to. It is what they stand for after all. Do I think the Scottish Government should hold another Referendum?. YES OF COURSE. But that can not be done until.

    A…. We see how the BREXIT DEAL goes.

    B…My preference would then be that the Scottish government come out strongly for another REFERENDUM if Scotland is to suffer job losses because of the stupidity of Wesminster. Rises in inflation already happening, & that seems to always happen under the TORIES, Inflation Also hurts many working class families. It does NOT hurt rich TORIES…

    The Scottish government has cushioned so many Scots from the full impact of what the TORY Government is dishing out to people, what they are doing in England, is tragic, & if MAY had won her larger majoirity, all hell would have been thrown at us in the blink of an eye. She has thankGod been caught out, she is as the song says a LIAR LIAR… STRONG & STABLE MY arse, she just like being in CONTROL, and the Media carried her along with her stupid sound bites. Now the whole of the UK see her for what she is, a coward of a bully. False through & through.

    The SNP Should Stand on an INDEPENDENCE TICKET in the EU is not a good deal for Scotland, GO for BROKE. Either The country comes with you, or you drop the INDEPENDENCE PROMISE. AND settle for just being a devolved (poorly Devolved country) of the UK. Accepting the left overs of the Westminster government that is really in charge of us. Of course do that, And risk losing your core voters..

    I am an SNP member & believe in INDEPENDENCE FOR SCOTLAND. So I will always vote YES, even if that made me poorer, then my state pension makes me right now. I would rather be poorer in my own country with a government We Choose, that we can Than get rid of if it does not work for us… Than wait & see how England votes for us to be governed.

    The SNP need to be braver, they need to fight against the Labour Party, Ruth Davidson party, & the Willie Rennie comical party.

    STOP trying to be all things to all people. These UNIONIST parties HATE YOU. They will always Hate you.
    They will always talk Scotland down, because they really believe the Hype of we are too wee, too poor & too stupid. They have no faith in our country & no trust in our people.

    The clock IS ticking. The time is not now, but it can NOT be any later than the next HOLYROOD election when we MUST CHOOSE. YES or NO …..THAT WILL BE THE QUESTION THAT NEEDS TO BE ASKED AGAIN.
    But this time, there has to be many more answers, and currency has to be one of the first, I do NOT WANT to be tied to the Westminster treasury, if they can walk away from the EU. Then We with all our assets can walk away from them.

  4. Nicola is best placed to judge the right timing for this and yes I would support it when it is launched. We must get it right this time and ensure there are no dirty dealings at the ballot box. Our enemies will do their best to thwart us and nothing is too low for them

  5. I’m supprised its as low as 60%, plus you won’t be seeing this poll on Beeb or indeed stv anytime soon either.

  6. I’d vote ‘yes’ to independence tomorrow, or any other day.

    I see no reason to put indyref2 on the back burner. It’s all about media manipulation and how things are presented – ‘SNP lose out’…’Davidson the new queen of Scotland’…..’Tory revival rocks the Scots’ – absolute tosh, all of it. The SNP won the election in Scotland convincingly, with more MPs returned than all other parties put together. It’s a travesty of the truth to seee that as anything other than yet another comfortable win for the SNP. In addition, at the time of the first indyref, they had 6 MPs in Westminster. Anyone who thinks that having 35 isn’t enough, is guilty of moving the goalposts so far that they’re out of the park completely.

  7. Yes in 2014 and Yes ever since. Nicola should keep it on the table for 2018 / 19 if whatever Brexit agreement is agreed does not benefit Scotland. Regardless of which of the London based parties is in power, Scotland will never have a voice and will continue to be financially fleeced. We need out and the sooner the better.

  8. Yes. Because although I like the way the Labour party has been changing with Corbyn as leader, eventually England will go back to Conservative, so we’re more secure on our own. Also, a majority of Labour MPs are still Blairites, including Ian Murray and Kezia Dugdale, and they don’t say whether they really support Corbyn now or whether they’re just fair-weather fellow travellers. Corbyn voted against the war in Iraq, against bombing Syria and against Trident, and so did the SNP, but most of Corbyn’s own Labour MPs went against him.

  9. I sooner back Indy now rather than later …don’t let the UK government squirm thier way out of this the fire may die and be left with the ashes of what may have been

  10. The snp have a mandate for indyref 2 and it’s already been voted through hollyrood, so no it shouldn’t be put on the back burner. I would vote yes for independence.

  11. I would always vote yes to Independence as would my husband and four children, my two brothers and sister each married with three children each and my mother who is in her 80’s all Yes voters!
    I think that’s a good start!

  12. Yes we need to go for independence now on the back of the tories losing their majority now is our time to seize our opertunity to go our own way and have a country of our own whether within the EU other not.

  13. I would vote ‘yes’ for Scottish Independence. I want Scotland to be responsible for its own decisions. We more often than not disagree with out English cousins on major issues but because they have the numbers we invariably have to go along with their decisions. I think the situation would be more truly democratic if the countries separated,

  14. Absolutely YES we won the last one but we need to win by a margin that can’t be denied by having the dead and unused postal votes used to bolster the no vote to deny us again

  15. We are the Scottish National Party not the Scottish Nationalist Party. For goodness sake, the Yoons call us Nationalists we are not that!

  16. I whole heartedly agree with Indy 2 , but feel perhaps wait a few months before starting it . The country is in such a mess and voters may not see the wood for the trees at this time. Just my thoughts.

  17. Nicola,
    Don’t be put off calling an other Referendum, for as soon as the people of Scotland realise that Westminster has shafted them, and the true effects of Brexit bed in, they wil be crying for separation from the bias English voting public.

  18. Yes they should still go ahead as previously intended at the point during BREXIT where the other 27 nations get the chance to scrutinise the agreement. And yes if the referendum was tomorrow I’d be YES.

  19. I’ve always felt that regardless of the the fact Scotland’s tried making it’s voice heard in Britain as our supposed to be one united country there always seems to be points where it doesn’t matter what issue’s are that effect Scotland Westminster clearly have no interest in Scotland and they sit down there wanting our votes but don’t do anything, When it comes to terrorism and disasters the country stands as one but on everything else the whole United kingdom couldn’t be more devided if it tried Independence had my vote before & would again but this time round there must be a more clearer goal on what’s going to be good for Scotland as last time there was so many thing’s that people in towns cities and villages felt wasn’t clear on & the largest amount of No votes came in from the scare mongering tactic’s coming from Westminster which once again showed Scotland’s maybe attached to the United kingdom but we’re very devided on the the way things should be

  20. I most certainly would not give up on our Independence. I think it was inevitable that the SNP would loose votes and seats considering how extraordinary the 2015 election was. My only criticism of the SNP election campaign is that they did not fight back hard enough when they were faced with the other parties concentrating on the anti independence vote. It should have been made absolutely clear that the Scottish Parliament had already passed a motion for a second Independence vote. If you deny that mandate then you are denying democracy in Scotland. Whether you would vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for Scotland’s freedom, I cannot believe that the Scottish people would vote against our own right to a democratic decision.

  21. I dont think we’d win win a Yes vote in the near future. So for that reason I think she should stick to the original plan of late 2018 early 2019 depending on the mood in the country and on how the EU negotiatuins are going. I voted to leave tge EU but I’d vote Yes to independence in or out of europe whenever its held.

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