Eight litre BUCKFAST dispensers now available in Glasgow (And we have two to give away)

Every Buckfast lovers dream has now came true with this new eight litre jug.

The glass dispenser comes with the equivalent of 10.5 full bottles of the glorious monk juice.

It also comes in a smaller size of 6.5 bottles.

With Christmas now just around the corner this could be the perfect stocking filler for any self confessed ned.

But only 360 have been made and they are selling out fast- The Glasgow Gospel have two to give away to two of our lucky readers.

Would you like to own one of these limited edition master pieces ?

Let us know in the comments why you deserve to win this exclusive prize.

Then just share this article and the winner will be picked next week.

97 thoughts on “Eight litre BUCKFAST dispensers now available in Glasgow (And we have two to give away)”

  1. I definitely deserve this. Stuck in the royal 7 days bedrest all stitched up and going to miss my daughters 3rd birthday. This would put a big cheeser on my face when I get out. Been through the mill and something nice happening would be great

  2. Id love to win this for my fiance who drinks a bottle or two every week. He loves the stuff. If i won it id give it to him as a wedding present when we get married in 7 months time. This would actually make his day!

  3. I’m an avid “buckieteer” (have you seen that Facebook page yet) haha! But naw honestly am no gonna come away with the sob story of how my cats brothers gold fishes owner was fond of the monks brew, I genuinely just love buckfast and would be more than happy to win one of these, would look good pride of place in my kitchen, that’s where all party’s end up lol!!

  4. Why would yae no want this, its the best stuff ever. Everyhing is just pish, cut me open n tonic pours oot. Runs in ma blood??

  5. Have drunk Buckfast since the sweet age of 14 i am now 39 this month. With the 25th Anniversary Looming would make a Perfect Anniversary Gift. But would be suitable for me as for years now i have done a weekly sesh with my friends know as ‘Trance & Tonic Thursday’ we listen to 2 Trance Radio Stations ‘Global DJ Broadcast with Markus Schulz’ 5pm – 7pm followed by ‘A State Of Trance hosted by Armin van Buuren’ 7pm – 9m and during these 4 hours we consume a large amount of Buckfast while keeping upto date with all the latest new Trance releases of the week. During these 4 hours and after the antics amounst us all vary from running about in googles and armbands to surfing on iron boards in the living room. So please hope you can consider this for me and my daft friends with seciding a winner. Yours Truely Bryan ?

  6. Well in this day and age birds have no self respect and always wanting the tuna purse filled and in the old saying buckfast makes you fuck fast with this fine product I could keep the scheme queens satisfied and make Glasgow a happier place

  7. Well as a mature buck fast drinker I marinate my steaks with it make trifles from it but most of drink it very regular I love it it’s now in my bloodstream and wen I get it I freeze it so it’s like a slush puppy and has that crisp freshness wen slushy love it share it drink it

  8. I deserve to win this glorious prize as I have failed to become a buckfast abbey monk on many occasions.. ? Also I’m Irish and us boys love the Bucky more than the mental Scots! Cmon luck of the Irish and all that ehhh ?

  9. I fell in love with Buckfast when I travelled abroad to study at a uni in Glasgow. Now, I’m back in the States and want to spread the love. An eight liter jug of Buckie oughta do the trick! 😉 x

  10. I deserve it for me and my two friends who managed to demolish 21 bottles one weekend not a bad feet between 3 people! Forever from that day forward be none as buck fast day, be a peach to celebrate the next one in style

  11. Don’t get out as much as I want to so this would be perfect for sitting in way the burd or getting the boys round for a few, and a never win fuck all so come on mate

  12. I deserve this because i will keep this filled after i chug the first eight litres, me and the bucky go hand in hand and this master piece would only further prove that, be my night in tonic armour & sort me this godly fine grafted piece of benedictine monk gold out!

  13. Would love this for my niece as it’s her birthday on Saturday and she is very much a wine conossuir , always making the buckfast bottle is the right number before buying it thanks

  14. Im a very uncouth buckfast drinker as i always use a glass with just a dash of energy drink in it for good measure ,ha ha this would take pride of place on my bar and would be the envy of all my chums.. fingers crossed

  15. I’ve goat 7 bruhers. We’ve aw goat different Da’s n live wae ma maw God bless hur. Every weekend we aw sink a boatle a wreck the hoose juice before we go oot n cause it. Ma maws sick a aw the boatles scattered aw owr the hoose so this would be mare like a wee Christmas present fur hur. She could just fill this hing n bin the boatles instead a waiting oan us aw tae finish…Aye Rab n Tam am tawkin tae yous….yeez ur heavy slow man. Anyways gon make my maws life that wee bit easier n geez this big boatle for eh boayz! YYYYAAALLLLDDDIIIII!

  16. Living “o’er the wall” in Southport I only have one shop that sells Bucky, this would keep me going for at least 2 weekends, when I’m on it I become even more patriotic with Scottish Tourette’s where no body in England can understand me, I shout Scotland at the top of my voice, sing flower of Scotland, any proclaimer’s song or Caledonia at the top of my voice and call most people bawbag or wee sax. I feel that I am building a relationship between the master race (us Scots) and those less fortunate(everyone else) some might even call it missionary work ????

  17. I deserve this because I would love to have a buckfast tasting to integrate international friends with my beautiful tastes. It’s important they sample the finer things in Scotland and it’s important I have this to show class. The ideal accessory to the dinner party of the century.

  18. Because for years I stopped drinking it and recently started again after missing it too much. Perfect way to catch up on lost time.

  19. For my brother and sister in law who helped us out so much when we moved house last week. They mucked in with cleaning, heavy lifting and even gardening. They definitely deserve a wee treat Ike this. Plus it’s their most favourite beverage ever and I can see the delight on their faces if they won ?

  20. I think my pal Lisa Lavery deserves this as she’s Been Drinking This For Mega Years ? Ever Where We Go She Will Have To Have Her Bucky With her (So please give her it ? saves Me Walking about With Her With Bottles Down Her Sleves And In Pockets Getting fines ?) Love To See Her Getting this In her Pocket and Down Sleeves ? Xx

  21. Ive been drinking buckfast for years just ❤️ The stuff always have to have a botto before i even consider having any other drink would love to win this just to get the jug to fill myself so come on give it to me!!!! Good luck everyone

  22. I deserve aw the Bucky so me abd the troops can well an truly wreck the hoose and considering the amount I’ve spent oan the monks finest through the years warrants a freebie! Mon!!

  23. Coz a have 3teenage sons n a nutcase of a 10yr old a need it more than any1 jst for the Sanity reasons for me not them!least a could drown out the a want ,he done, he took ,gme ect ect then a can use the empty btl to save up the Penny’s for a holiday for 1,,a 1 way 1 lol plus a wna try the new cocktail,, breach of the peace bucky n gin sounds the bizz jst no free hotel for the wkend courtesy of Glasgow’s hardmen(popo)!oink

  24. Hi there

    I would love this for my wedding as I would be filling this up for all My friends to drink plus I have a buckfast tattoo on my leg ? Go on my Facebook for a look at my tattoo ?

  25. I would get this for my hubby. Both of us enjoy a wee tipple of the bucky but he works so hard (yes, people who drink buckfast can work too) he works 6 days a week and asks for nothing but a wee bottle in return. He’s happy to take over from looking after the babies as soon as he’s in from work cause he says ‘u’ve had them all day’. I would loooooove to won this for him! ❤

  26. I need this to be the height of class at my next formal dinner party, where everyone is a bloody hipster/social justice warrior/vegan and only drink bottles of red wine with price tags of £15+. A cannae hack it nae mare!
    When I show up with my giant jug of Buckfast and plonk it down next to me as I tuck into whatever dry, tasteless meal has been prepared I’ll tan it healthily in hopes they’ll never invite me again.

  27. I think I should get the 8 litre buckfast bottle because I’m great.

    Infact, I’m so great I think I should get them both in case the first one breaks.

  28. I deserve to win this because Ive been a bucky drinker for over 10 years. Plus i am currently nursing a broken heart after breaking up with my boyfriend who had this horrible habit of managing to drop and smash full bottles of buckfast. this would be a nice reminder that bucky is all i need.

  29. Because I love Buckfast that much I literally spent about 12 hours making a Buckfast bottle costume for Halloween and wore it out in Greenock. I’ll send some pictures if you don’t believe me.

    Need some of that dispenser action in ma life

  30. So my mates and I can get bucky mental…… It would certainly be some bucktastic times better have the ambulance on speed dial do just in case.

  31. Because
    Monk Juice mondays
    Tonic Tuesdays
    Wine Wednesdays
    Thirsty Thursdays
    F*cked up Fridays
    Seshlehem Saturdays
    Sunday sesh’s
    the week ahead with this 8ltr dispenser

  32. My best friend lives near to Glasgow. He would have a shit fit of epic proportions if I won this considering I live 360 miles away from him. He is a roaster of the highest calibre and I would love to get on the wind up since I’ve had to listen to him whinge and moan like the little bitch boy that he is every time he’s off his face on a couple of bottles of Buckfast.
    K x

  33. I’m due some free bucky the dispenser would be a bonus, I’ve cover it least 12 monks wages at the weekends ??

    And My cousins a monk he’d be jealous if I got one ?

  34. A deserve one av tant it fae a was 14 am now 55 have a btle every night and a lot more at wk/end and still going strong love the gd auld jungle juice and still auld school drink it oot the btle ?

  35. I have always wanted to one day, shite in my kettle against my free will. I can imagine the glee on my partners face whilst dunking her hobnobs , whilst I’m still obliterated on on 2 gallons of Monks Morning Piss.

  36. I absolutely love buckfast and have recently wrecked my hoose because of it , and replaced all my stuff by now (yesterday), so I am a true patriot of what ye do when yer ONIT ! I think this would make this year magical and I would share it wae all my friends and make a movie of us getting up tae rapid mischief under the influence of the keg! And send yous it ofcourse get the page bigged up massiieeevve!

  37. I deserve this because nearly every week for 3 years I’ve bought a bottle a buckfast to consume at the weekend. It’s been there for me to get in a special no caring, shape cutting, perfect singing way that only the great Bucky can provide. With the volume of wreck the hoose juice that these containers provide I would be able to repay the monks of buckfast abbey for all the good times they’ve helped provide by having Bucky bashes (buckfast themed parties) and also by having an excuse to drink even more of the stuff. Hope to hear good news from you soon.
    Rory Morris

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