Drumchapel: Woman arrested for wearing pyjamas on school run

A woman in Drumchapel has become the first victim of a major police initiative to crackdown on people wearing their bed wear outside.

33 year-old Chantelle Vickers was spotted by officers at around 10:15 as she made her way back to her house from her children’s primary school which is only a five minute walk from her front door.

The mother of four was arrested and locked in a cell for 8 hours to cool down after kicking off because she would miss her favourite tv programme “The Jeremy Kyle Show” which was about to start on ITV2.

Her sister Tanya Vickers spoke exclusively to The Glasgow Gospel.

She said: “It’s pure out of order so it is and nothing but discrimination against my sister and my family.

“This new rule is a farce and I’m hoping to organise a pyjama march in protest and I know the true people of Glasgow will support me.”

The arrest was part of a crackdown of “slobby dressers” that is being trialled in Drumchapel, Bearsden and Milngavie before potentially being rolled out across the city by the summer.

The new laws have been criticised by people who say it will unfairly target poor, unwell and homeless people who may look scruffy in their best gear, but a recent poll of Bearsden and Milngavie showed that 97% of people support the crack down.


Small business owner Daniella Smith-Rowatt from Bearsden welcomed the arrest.

She said: “It’s about time these people are punished they can be such an eye sore on this community.

“I fully support the police ! once we get rid of the scruffy tramps from the streets they should focus on obese and overweight people next- what kind of example do these people set for the future generations?”

Tory candidate for West Dunbartonshire Wesley Fluffington said: “All these people are on benefits and laze around watching TV all day on OUR tax money and the lazy sods can’t even get changed to take their little brats to school LATE.

“I hope they throw the book at her.”

The law was passed after a motion was voted through at the Bearsden and Milngavie community council meeting after the issue of Drumchapel mums wearing pyjamas on the school run was raised at a recent crisis meeting.


Unemployed Chantelle was on her way back from dropping her kids off at school and as she was running late decided just to take the short walk round the corner in her housecoat and pyjamas in the hope she wouldn’t be seen.

Pyjama wearing on the school run in nearby Maryhill has also become a major issue for Bearsden and Milngavie residents

However her luck was out as she was spotted by local police chief Watson, who is at the fore-front of the campaign to get who he describes as “lazy maggots” off the streets.

He said: “We are happy that we managed to catch this criminal in the act in only the first day of the new law.

“Make no mistake we intend to crack down on these lazy maggots who I personally think are the scourge of our society.

“There is a lot of middle-class and wealthy people that live in nearby Bearsden within distance of the were the crime was commited and seeing people kick about in the stinky clothes they just slept in will only put more sought after people off moving to the area and we are left with people like Miss Vickers.

“We understand people from Drumchapel have addictions, weight problems, speak funny, don’t have much money and struggle to find work but we don’t think it’s too much to ask for them to at least act like a normal respectful person when they step outside.

“Nobody cares how they look or what they get upto in their own time, but on our streets you will look your best from now on or risk jail time and a criminal record.”

The ban will also include strict restrictions on football tops, tracksuits, name chains and ugg boots.

For more information on what clothes are recommended if you are visiting the area check www.PoliceScotland/maryhill/bearsden/milganvie/pyjamaban for a full list of banned items and frowned upon etiquette.

Chantelle Vickers is arrested after complaints

137 thoughts on “Drumchapel: Woman arrested for wearing pyjamas on school run”

      1. OMG the typical media putting their spin on and discriminating on society. Just because this lady chose to wear pyjamas and happens not to work does not mean she is not a decent human being. WHEN R WE GOING TO STOP PUTTING PPL IN BOXES??? I am totally disgusted at what I hv read here about ridding the streets of ppl in pyjamas then homeless ppl then obese or overweight. WHERE DO WE STOP?? no one knows an individuals circumstances and who the he’ll are we to judge?? TOTALLY DISGUSTED AT THIS ARTICLE

        1. Is this for real who the fuck do these people think they are !!there really are fashion police now I’m fucked….

        2. I totally agree with you, its NOT OUR PLACE TO JUDGE! and I guess, im scum, bc I WILL wear my pj’s out and about, SO WHAT, as Long as I’m covered that’s all that matters to me.
          get the ppl that are showing their undergarments, and show half their bodies. Be respectful to others and pj’s are not a disgrace. Just warm clothes, and comfortable to Us!
          I say bull, til those without sin, cast the first stone, and I’m sure that lady is NOT perfect. She’s probably worse than Us pj wearing mama’s and Grandma’s .

      2. Not just in Scotland ,sloppy lazy woman have been spotted in Essex and Kent ,not just wearing hideous pyjamas but bright pink onesies in Sainsbury’s,this bad dress sense really has to be punished severely and arresting them and getting them off the streets can only be a good thing especially for the eyes!

    1. Omg i have never of so much s….x in ma life , since who gave these jobs worth the right to hav a say in what anybody wears , Me personaly prefer to be comfy most of the time… N if that involves pjs, onesie, trackies, hats, then no body will stop me… Aye NoOne… x These clowns dont have the right.. say pjs is the only clothing the person has…. So they get Punished … These xxxxx are fools…x

      1. I can not believe what am reading .slagging ppls speach and drug addiction.and cause ppl stay drumchaple .but there not mention the drug dealers in Bearsden its not going to a fashion .were taking our kids to school there education is more than important than the way the mum dresses

    2. What a absolute disgrace, she has 4 children and they lock her up for up to 8 hours, have the police not got better things to do like arresting real criminals, that are committing crimes while this girl takes her children to school in her pjs. Grrrrr

    3. Is this a law or something that was thought up by the Community Council (they have no powers to make and pass laws) Neither do the Police. Was it passed by an Act of Parliament (the only place where laws can be enacted) If this is not an Act of Parliament then the Police have no powers of arrest and if they did arrest someone then is unlawful, Mum’s, whether itr be because they are running late or just that they get the family out first then see to themselves happens all over the place. Me thinks the posh snobs of Bearsden and Milngavie should maybe take a look at themselves first. Crime is not classified just because you come from an area thought by some, to be a bad area, crime happens all over. Bearsden and Milngavie Community Council, get a life.

  1. Is it let’s slag the people of Drumchapel , everywhere has drug users and as of speaking funny OMG get a life , cause people for Bearsden talk with marbles in there mouth and there brats are all perfect , this ad is more like bring people of Drumchapel down , well some get dressed , have a job , so don’t tar us all with the same brush

  2. This is shocking …. personally think it’s a lazy ..not getting dressed
    But to be kept in a cell foe 8 hrs must be a total infringement of ur human rights …
    The depraved society we live in leaves kids homeless ignores peodrophiles and abuse
    Oft our false society wd prefer a dress code rather than a decent moral good kind person
    We shd be ashamed of ourselves…

    1. What about my rights not to be assaulted by the spectacle of indecent pyjama wearing especially the loud matalan type pyjamas that cost £2.50 and made in a Calcutta sweat shop!

  3. Yous are all wankers I you might take ma freedom but u will never take oor jammies get it round you from Ryan boi mac off to watch jk and eat crap in ma pants yaaaaaaaaaas

  4. Does that count for m&s pyjamas as well , I spent a few bob on them .if that is the case , I will be looking for the receipt, for a refund .
    This is a right bummer ,now she will have to get washed and put her teeth in .
    Talk about discrimination.

  5. My House gets Burgles, but they cant Prosecute the guy due to lack of evidence, despite me CATCHING HIM IN MY HOUSE, They cant prosecute violent criminals cause they are always in self defense….but they have time for this? Whats wrong with this picture? Yeah its annoying, but if you have time to care about this – be thankful for the easy life you lead!

    Picture of time/money/resource wasting at its worst!

  6. This is beyond a joke fine pajamas don’t wear them outside unless dire emergency like going into labour. But wtf tracksuits , football tops, name chains, and ugg boots. Wtf happened to dressing for comfort . We buy football tops to support a team . What’s the pointerview in buying if you can’t wear it same with tracksuits. People wear them for COMFORT or going to the gym ! but ugg boots they are shoes. But no disrespect but the wealthy people should not be discriminating based on clothing. That’s an out rage! And the words OUR streets are disgusting what happened to respectable community. And what about or children what if they feel comfort In a tracksuit or ugg boots you gonna arrest them get a grip !! It’s clothing !!!! As long as we’re not all hanging out of our cloths that’s what matters !

  7. Have the police not got something better to do? If not then cut back on policing to save the public money. Rather than costing money on policing this issue. I’m in Belfast and I’ve read the biggest load of rubbish ever, and how can you Daniella Smith-Rowatt from Bearsden speak about the people of drumchaple the way you just have. So sick and disgusted that my friends and family are spoke of in this way.
    Heather Belfast

  8. The language used by professionals in this report is disgusting, what right has the council the law to tell people how to dress. Where’s the human rights? To call people maggots and other degrading names is utterly shameful those people should be disciplined for publicly speaking about other human beings in this way without knowing their circumstances.

    1. I totally agree Gary. When I was reading this I thought it was a joke! I can not believe this law has been passed. What happened to people’s human rights? I don’t understand how this is a crime, there’s no victim. Wesley Fluffington & Police Chief, Watson it is now time for your resignations. Using foul, degrading & judgemental comments is unacceptable when describing fellow human beings! Surely that’s a crime? Defamation of character, slander & discriminatory labels are not permitted by law so the cops who arrested the victim should pop by West Dumbartonshire Tory den to arrest ‘Fluffy’ & return to the cop shop & arrest Watson for offending the public, if it’s good enough for the pj woman then it’s good enough for them!. They two are a pair of hypocrites !

  9. Well I think it dum I go to the shop and back in my pj so for the people how think thy are better than everyone can go and run for me it does matter what u wear as lone as you are happy that what matter and for people that are on benefits are not lazy it becouse thy are not fit for work so if thy want to start go a head I will wear what I want

  10. This is discrimination, ok pj’s fine I get that.. But name chains, tracksuits.. Get a grip.. Just because some people don’t fit into to your snobbish way of life don’t give you the right to treat them like criminals… So if a keep fit fanatic is out jogging in a tracksuit in the middle of winter they are gonna be arrested… Grow up for godsake there are more serious things happening in this country to be worrying about than what someone is wearing!!!!

  11. Although I don’t agree that one should be wearing pj’s on the school run , the offensive and derogatory language used by some of the people coming.plaining is really disgusting. Children described as brats . Now it’s big brother dictating what one wears. I find this an attack on people’s liberty. I’m sure this can be challenged in a court of law.

  12. so the snobs in bearsden and milngavie (note correct spelling)…think they are something, and who does the small business owner think she is, slating people like that…bet the sad cow came from a poor background and a slum housing scheme…nanny state if you ask me…no one and i mean no one will ever tell me what to wear outside, if i want to wear a football top thats up to me…stupid snobby iligitamates…rant over

  13. You have to be kidding me….
    Pity they didn’t put as much effort in to catching pedophiles and dog thieves.. REAL CRIMINALS !!!!

    1. So true load of shite this ive ran to shop in jammys wea a coat over me who gives a fuck get a life ya snobby cunts and police do yer fkn jobs catch real criminals ger a fkn life yes are a laughing stock

  14. how stupid is this law different if they were wearing flimsy nighties but pyjamas..get real..shes dropping her kids off at school so what live and ler live God forbid she does it nude…unadulterated snobbery…

  15. how stupid is this law different if they were wearing flimsy nighties but pyjamas..get real..shes dropping her kids off at school so what live and ler live God forbid she does it nude…unadulterated snobbery…

  16. To some degree I will agree to not wearing pyjamas on the main street.

  17. I agree you don’t see guys going out wearing there pyjamas or house coats , If they did they would be arrested to . Pure skanks that wear that outside

  18. Welcome nasty Bearsden and Milgavie. The police officer should be sacked for calling the victom a maggot if true as for the residents off Bearsden & Milgavie they should be ashamed of thereselves this country fought two world wars against such scum.

  19. Am I dreaming? Is this a joke? If not, I am appalled.

    Wearing pyjamas, ugg boots a crime?.
    Clothes don’t define the character of a human being.

    Being brought up in Drumchapel myself, I have nothing but respect and admiration for the people there, no matter their dress code.

  20. The poilce are nothing more than scum as is the paedophile queen and her government and the police are protecting padophiles all over this land and when you are in PUBLIC AREAS then do whatever the fuck you like and the pig that arrested the woman should be done for misconduct in public office…..and police chief watson is a fucking public servant and wesley fuckin fluffington 😂😂😂😂 if thats the its real NAME is a moron as ZERO OF OUR TAXES GO TO BENEFITS AS THE CESTUE QUE VIE TRUST pays for benefits you dumb fuckin jox 😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Omfg here comes a police state . How is it anyone else’s business what people wear? If I want to wear a damn hoody I will .

  22. Absolutly ridiculous jeeze they gunna arrest fat people for being fat this just makrs me angry so sad why dont people just mind other peoples buisness i used to wear my pjs on the school run as well am i fuck getting dressed to do that when i didnt have to go work untill later on i refuse to get dressed twice i like to chill and relax in my pjs after my little monsters went school people are so judgmentel ive always worked

  23. I wholeheartedly agree. It takes minutes to throw on joggers & a t shirt. Also true that the majority of people who do this are unemployed & have all day to put clothes on. Whoever wrote this article however, needs to use spell check!

  24. It’s stupid and a waste of police time they could be out arresting ppl that have made a crime I don’t sign on I’m not on benifits me and my partner work so sometimes I lazy around in my pj’s or pop to the shops as long as I’ve covered and not wearing my birthday suit Wat dose it matter if it’s pj’s or not and as for the comment about ppl on benifits with bratty kids my fella lost his job last year we lost out house and had to sign on for a few weeks y dint u all stop judging with ur fancy jobs and cars and live in the real world cup it could happen to enyone

  25. Nothing wrong with wearing jammies, by donkey who wants to get up at 5am and cake yourself in make up and hairspray just to drop kids at school, kids are there to learn i dont think there interested in a fashion show.

  26. Well lets hope that the perfect daniella smith rowat or whatever her name is doesnt ever need police resources at any time but then there cant be any real crime in the area if police have nothing better to do than use their resources on chasing mothers in pyjamas.

  27. I must admit that the Pygama mothers look unsightly, but a criminal offence!!
    Football shirts, tracksuits & Ugg boots as well. Wise up!!!!
    What next! Ginger hair, tattoos, short hair, long hair, overalls, hats etc etc.

  28. Pyjamas are for wearing in the house and bed , not the street . Take a bit of pride in yourself . The first thing I do when I get in from work is put on my nightie so as to feel comfortable and relax.

  29. How dare anybody think they are better than the next because they have more money or a fancy address. This new law is a waste if police time and tax payers money! Quite frankly stick your posh streets up your posterior! I would rather live were I can be myself than have a privileged few tell me what to do. My child and I HAD to live under a pedophile for years before we got help to move due to low income!! Police didn’t help there! And this p.c that called people “maggots” should be done with a section 38 as name calling is a crime!!

  30. Police 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 turn a blind eye when 1,400 children are sexually abused by Muslim community cause they scared they be labelled racist , but can lock a woman up for 8 hours for wearing a dressing gown and pjs now no laws on this tbh only can’t walk around naked which she clearly wasn’t outrageous. And police force should be ashamed of there bully boy tactics

    1. amazing how Muslims are brought into a story about jamies and the attitude towards the people of Drumchapel, but for those people to shift the blame and target some other group, is that not the same , in fact its exactly the same

  31. Some people have far to much time on there hands so what if people dress in there pjs I think there are far more pressing issues going on in the world

  32. Who has the right to say what anyone wears outside? Would she have been stopped by the police if she’d been driving with her pj’s on? Not a chance!!! I live in a nice area and I personally wouldn’t wear pj’s to go shopping but I do wear Ugg Boots. and it wouldn’t bother me seeing people drop their kids off at school wearing onesies or pl’s. It’s their choice. I have occasionally driven my grandkids to school in a onesie. Also what right does Mr Fluffington ( silly name) Have to call all children brats. This whole thing is ridiculous. Why don’t the police in this so called middle class area stop cow-towing to all the wannabes snobs there and earn their wages catching criminals instead!!!!!

  33. That policeman was bit out with his comments. No it is not a pretty sight seeing young mums in there jammies going to school with there kids but get a grip Mr polisman

  34. Have the police not got more serious issues to deal with rather than arresst people who are wearing pyjamas. For goodness sake.

  35. WTF This had to be an early Aprils Fool !! I am totally and utterly gob smacked. Nobody has any right to say what another person wears at any time. I really think this is some wind up. If it is true the person behind this hatred instigating law against pyjama wearing ,Jeremy Kyle watching persons /those who choose to wear track suits or jeans down past their fake designer boxers should be removed from the position they hold and sent for an immediate psychiatric assessment . This is infringing on people’s human rights!! Even if you find it distasteful seeing someone outside in pyjamas you should still defend their right to do so or before you know it anyone with a YES sticker on their car or highlights in their hair will be locked up too.

  36. are you kidding me. While I don’t go to the shops etc with my pj’s on I sometimes pull my coat over them to take my dog out. I had to check the date just to make sure this was not the 1st of April.

  37. I thought this was April 1st when I read this. Is it a joke? I don’t like seeing people walking about in pyjamas but surely you can’t legislate against it? I’m sure D Trump would support it – need I say more?

  38. That’s very very unfair there and the lady who said that obese people should be next needs to be jailed for saying such things I’m so so pissed off so the poor and the fact are eyesores why not just kill them all

  39. Think they are taking it to far if u wear a track suit quite a few people wear it for sport doesn’t mean they are scruffy and ugg boots are good for this weather my friends wear them when they are dressed probably for comfort .

  40. Fair enough about people wearing pyjamas in public, but for a police chief (Watson) to call people “lazy maggots” what an absolute dickhead. How can you expect people to respect the police when you act no better than a maggot yourself. Unbelievable on both sides.

  41. Are people crazy its a free country she can wear what she likes its none of anyone s business have the police nothing better to do its just madness is this a joke

  42. Your being silly
    It would be ok to go out in shorts and a bikini top or see through clothes but pjs and a housecoat are not allowed I take my grandson to school by car in my pyjamas no harm. Instead of police wasting time catch criminals!!!!!

  43. Well thats a really old photo depicting drumchapel…and the mouthy shop keeper is a vile disgusting woman who supposedly are supposed to be educated and have manners non whot so ever then she’s running down over weight people hmmm hope some one pays her a wee visit and gives what she gave…and police should be out doing important things ..and the 1 calling people names whats that all about…delinquent

  44. I agree on the pyjama issue but football tops track suits and ugg boots is taking it waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too far! Completely OTT!!!

  45. Ooft to far to lock someone up for going out in there jammies. Who is SHE to say the likes of Drumchapel people have addictions and are over weight and can’t speak right. WE WEREN’T ALL BORN WITH SILVER SPOONS IN OUR MOUTHS . You should never Judge anyone with out knowing them.

  46. I think you will find just as many people in those middle class and upper class areas have just as many people with drug addictions weight issues and obviously major attitude problems at least the people in drumchapel don’t have a condasending attitude towards people who may need a helping hand we would rather lift you up when clearly others tear you down glad I’m from drumchapel

  47. I feel sorry for there children having to walk next to there mother with no clothes on. She should get a job stop buying pyjamas and invest in clothes.

    1. Excuse me but that’s really rude. Being a teen myself I would not be ashamed of my mother dropping me of at school in her pjs!! Would u wanna get up at 6 and cake yourself in makeup and dress real fancy just to drop ur kids off?? At least she’s not in her birthday suit!!

  48. Ugg is a brand name and so are football tops respectively how can you discriminate against a brand legally? You better start arresting celebrities on the red carpet etc for nearly wearing their skimpy apparel in public!!! And almost every 18-20something who goes out on a Saturday night! A lot of what they wear (or don’t) I consider indecent!

  49. How dare they dictate what can be worn or not so we all have to shower dhave and put our good suit on going to school ad not to upset the respectable people the house of lords and the BBC ate full of respectful people

  50. This is an absolute disgrace actually this country is starting to become a disgrace . So what’s next say if u had a job as a mechanic or a trade job and had dirty overalls on are they gonna be locked up for that?
    I get covered in nail dust etc as a beautician and I actually like wearing my ugg boots for driving
    So much for feeedom of speech etc it’s a bad day when society and other people dictate what you were to go out the door!!!! If you don’t like what I wear then don’t look!!!!

    So much for William walllace & braveheart and freedom

  51. Is this a joke if not this country has gone nuts as long as they are decent as for Danielle whatever her name is and the tory Twatt many people are overweight because of medical problems what’s next the disabled people while we are at it get rid of everyone who’s not white middle class and dosent have a double barrelled name if it not a joke she should be arrested for discrimination bet she’s happy to take their money

  52. Hilarious. I agree that no one should be dropping their kids off at school with Pj’s on (let alone housecoat) & something should be done to stop this happening . 8hrs in a cell is a bit extreme & to say folk from Drumchapel have weight & speech problems is so unfair.

  53. Bang out of order some people r just snobs it was not as if she was robbing any one sometimes u sleep in and r stress out when u wake up late and for other people to start on fat obese people they don’t know the facts on these people is wrong 😡

  54. Under what law is she being arrested. She is fully clothed. If this page is a bam up site you need to find funnier stories.

    There is no law against wearing pyjamas in the street. And if she was arrested then maybe its time they started teaching polos the law, cause we aw know they just make them up to suit themselves

  55. reckon its time those cops were more alert when there are speeders or burglars about . i think as long as the villains had a suit on they’re SAFE ,,, lol

  56. I don’t agree with people walking about in house coats but what happened to our freedom of choice, and above speech stating they are criminals this is just taking this to far.

  57. Disgusting comments from Watson and others regarding people’s habits and circumstances ; what a bunch of uptight snobs!! You should be ashamed of yourselves for criminalising someone fir what they wear; are you planning to bring in a law forcing women to wear make up and heels? Stepford Wives eat your heart out. I’m sure I can dream up something about you I can find offensive, other than your jumped up attitude, that I would like to criminalise.

  58. Havent you got criminals to catch. I think they are slobs also but I dont think this is a matter for police to waste time on. I expect my taxes to be put to better use. Looking at the pictures of her it was hardly indecent exposure. Fully dressedand covered . Get a life and get on with proper policing instead of easy targets.

  59. This has to be fake, you can’t arrest someone because of wearing nite close, has to be bull shit, at least she had clothes on, lol, peoples rites and all that,

  60. I think its totally disgusting that a police officer has been reported as calling ppl Lazy Maggots, any other saying this would be arrested for discrimination, yet again some ppl deem themselves to be above the law. I do however agree that pj’s are certainly not suitable attire for outside, as for the comments about ppl who are obese being targeted next, will this include the obese members of Parliment, councilers, nurses, doctors, dentists, etc or is this going to be a law thats going to be set aside for the scruffy obese,maggot,tramps that are unemployed ,and making the “UPPERCLASS” feel even more superior than what they actually are, personally I think the police would be better fitted fighting crime, I dont think my tax is being put to proper use, removing fat ppl from the street seriously, who knows what they will think of next, its not the “Maggots” on the streets(Quote) that we need to watch out for, its the MAGGOTS passing these laws in Parliment, Im sure there are more far more pressing things to hand really, Good God what has this country come to.

  61. How dare he call all the kids brats he doesnt kniw them and they could be very nice hard wirkinf kuds for all that arsehole knowsq maybe ge should get lifter for slander dont get how we talk funny so does half of scotland with all our ethnic brithers looks like bullying maybe nit roam the streets in your pjs but lifting you for that is reduculous as its bad taste for your bearsden residents boo hoo.

  62. This is a bloody joke not fair on the homeless and the poor hate people u turn there noses up at people its them that should be locked up hope chantelle is ok wat a fucking joke u.ask me

  63. This is completely wrong I would personally say that this law goes against are individual rights by telling us that we can’t even step outside and I thought that if any bill goes against are rights then it is not passed and does not become law.

  64. Ye are very sick people year trying to tell people what to wear that is just silly can’t happen and will never happen very one has a different style and can wear what they want it think it is a waste of government money and garda s time I think they would be better to arrest the people who is getting away with crime every day xxxx

  65. This cannot be serious right?? I do think that people should change from pajamas to clothes when they intend to leave the house, if nothing else not to embarrass your children in front of their school friends and teachers, but l cannot see how you can arrest them for walking out in their pajamas, that is just not constitutional, you cannot tell any person how to dress just because you don’t like it, this has got to be a joke, that’s what l’m thinking.

  66. what a joke…. who do these people think they are? so because you have more money your better than others.. whonis any one to tell you what to wear? not everyone on benefits are scroungers or lazy. and who is this snooty cow that thinks its okay to judge people on their weight?? lets take all your money away and see how you cope. this is the real world how about snooty bum kissers get a grip n live life on nothing. should be ashamed of your selfs and to call peoples children brats. Fuck off. 😠😠😠😠 lot of you should be ashamed and the police your needing to get out and do some real work and stop making up stupid laws and being LAZY and wipe the drugs and pedophiles of our street……

  67. If they are clean and have made some attempt to cover up like a jacket, I have no issues with that. Who knows what other issues they are having in the back ground for that day. For middle class NIMBY’s who think there are better than everyone else. 1 and 4 people suffer from mental health issues in there life time. I have been going through this issue myself for over the last year. When you really low, you do not always think straight, so long as I was getting my child to school (on time), I would hope that I would get the support of all those around me. Not lifted and toss into the back on a van. This is middle class going OTT. The only maggots out there are the ones the eats and dictate what others should do and eat all the other soles away. Please note, other issues like late for school and unfit hygiene are different issues and I and not making any links to them in this comment, as these are different issues all together.

  68. What the hell is wrong with people if society cant even accept what u look like if h cant cant even wear ur pj’s for 5 mins I don’t evn know like some laws are ridiculous to say u canny look a bit scruffy . And for a police officer to say that if u wear something a bit ‘scruffy’ then yer a lazy maggot omg I would have a pure rage at him like. Jeez some people

  69. It’s a breach of deprivation of liberty personal choice and against human rights. people can wear what they wish. It’s offensive to see school kids wearing short skirts nearly showing underwear why is nothing being done about that. No because they can. I agree it’s not a good impression wearing nightwear out side. It’s not like she wenr’t covered up. Police could have arrested a few criminals in the time they arrested the lady.What about her kids who might get bullied because of this.

  70. I work full time 9 to 10 hours a day, I always have. I have 2 children, they both know what it’s like to grow up with a full time working mother, they have paid the price. I worked cause I had to financially. To sort out the FAT PEOPLE well fωξ you, I am in that category & nobody has the right to arrest me for that. People get a life , you have to be perfect before you can call others.

  71. In this day and age there should be NO law on how you want to dress , and to think that Chief Watson is behind the backing to ban pyjamas is beyond me ! He has the cheek to say the people of Drumchapel are the “Scourge ” of society who dress with PJs ? Where the **** did that ***K come from ? does he think he’s better than most of us ? Piss off and catch REAL criminal’s ya B** B** ! widnae know how tae catch them F ****** **** **** .

  72. Who even said the comment get the obese people and overweight people next I’m overweight I work 40 hours a week raise two kids who are healthy human beings so Ive to go to jail trot on love

  73. Personally I would not go out in my PJs.but everyone to there own.its not a criminal offence and its not indecent exposure either. So she wasn’t breaking the law .police should be out catching criminals not arresting someone for being outside in there nightwear .Nazi Britain !!!

  74. I think that wearing “pajamas, housecoat, slippers” the whole bed attire to take your kids to school is lazy and unhygienic, for all the time it takes to pull on some clothes and floating around in shops and at the school with PJ’S o n that you have slept in and whatever els you have done In them is dirty and then they probably go back to bed that night in them? Talk about spreading bed bugs lol I bet a lot of the kids are mortified also, however I do think arresting and put police cell is a bit much.

  75. Are u serious if I was from er a wid go a walk in nude just to piss yeese all aff get a grip. The ppl that r just aff night shift have to get there kids to skool on time so they should be able wear anything walking skool aslong as it ain’t offensive. Jammies are cloths if they weren’t they wouldn’t be sold in a clothes store!!!!! Some people wear shorts to bed how do u no its no same shorts They wore at night!!!! Place is a Joke!!!!!

  76. Omg. I ve heard it all now. Who ever made this diabolic law needs to put their energy into something worth while! Like getting off their backsides and walk the streets to see the homeless who need attention.were you all so bored that day you made this law? Did you want to get some attention for yourselves you thought you d make a fool of yourselves in front of the whole nation? Well you succeed x well done to the local authorities and the police.

  77. Obese as overweight isn’t always down to bloody diet .I’ve been on medication for past two years that’s caused weight increase .only people who is bothered are all fur coat and no knickers sort of people get a life and leave people alone their more problems needing police attention get a life

  78. I wasn’t aware that it was illegal to cover yourself in the wrong type of clothing, but if the dressing gown was made of leather to look like a trench coat it would have been fine…. go figure…. at least she ain’t in her birthday suit!

  79. Thats the police for you.if they cant get you for anything serious then hey,lets just lock anyone up that looks out of place.i see it here in america(im from scotland)all the time woman taking their kids to the bus,NO BIG DEAL.

  80. I’ve never seen a more ridiculous waste of money in my life! Im 20 years old have a full time job since I was 16 pay my taxes never been on benefits in my life and personally wouldn’t wear my pyjamas outside but are people gonna lose sleep over this? Is it gonna stop children starving? Is it gonna stop people from dying? I bet the police don’t go around arresting the young women on a Saturday night hardly dressed at all , don’t judge people you don’t know there story I have more respect for myself where in the situation is rather where my pyjamas outside than a skirt no longer than a belt leaving little to be desired don’t be such snobs Jesus who are anyone to judge Jesus Christ?

  81. Omg they are covered up this is a joke what if this was put kids on pyjamas day when the kids have to wear Pyjamas going to school. Are the police going to lift them at the gates …joke joke joke and targeting vulnerable people also sad country getting honestly . More important things to sort out 😳

  82. Honestly you people are too much. Funniest shit on the internet today. Fucking crying at these comments. JAIL’S TOO GOOD FOR THESE MAGGOTS!

  83. They lifted ma granny cuz she wiz wearing her pink slippers n then she dyed in tha cellz. Ah want answerz! Justice 4 nana!

  84. Well pual at least the police will know not two put u in jail then because ur the biggest maggot!!!! of all .what gives them right two call children rats low down scum !!!!!

  85. police arrest a woman taking her children to school due to her in her PJ’s? then you have next door nieghbour hood milgavie and bearsden
    drumchapel I grew up in and yes it was a complete shithole .
    with old tennements and young people ppl running amock.
    but police from there make me laugh even maryhill police are laughabul.
    remember maryhill coppers where caught playing on a children’s playground?
    and it went viral? so police of today are the clowns. they pick on vurable people women kids and discriminate. as for milgivie and bearsden keep your dam opinions to yourselfs try total snobbery. I’d never buy a house there ever.
    I’d rather be beside someone who would gladly help you out with a cup of sugar or few teabags that’s what I recall of some good nieghbours of the drum .

  86. Wow this is absolutely insane. What is this world coming too. How about worrying about real criminals and quit policing what people are wearing. Absolutely ridiculous

  87. What a joke! Wearing pjs is not a crime pjs are clothing. What the hell is this country coming to. People have pj parties. And I remember having a pj party at school!! When I was younger. This is a personal choice. How has anyone got the right to tell other people how to dress? They haven’t! This is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. We are not people anyone we are robots be controlled and until everyone comes together against the government then they will carry on making up stupid laws and controlling everyone. If we all stick together there are to many of us to control.

  88. This is a lot of shite I mean come on your no hurting anyone wearing your pj’s out as long as you haven’t got yourself all hanging out then there shouldn’t be an issue. I work night shift and have to travel a good bit bk home and I look like a dirty bag of washing they going to arrest me ayeven whatever what a load of shite

  89. This is pure ridiculous by the way!. I mean I don’t pay taxes cos I’m a pure lazy bam know but if I did I widny want it spent on polis lifting chavs in the jammies sake!

    Wit is the world coming tae I take my weans to school in my jammies and my wean has her jammies under her school clathes..wits the problem with that? Gez me mare time to kip

  90. surely this is a wind up? if not then everything about this article is fundamentally wrong! no such law should exist. .if it does. As long as you get your children to school on time and clean, then what does it matter what the parents are wearing? As long as they are not dressed ” indecently ” . As for tracksuits, uggs boots, name chains etc..are you kidding? As a free nation with the right to your freedom of expression, this is just ridiculous! Ugg boots cost a fortune as do tracksuits! And name chains? seriously? As they are usually given to children as a present from proud parents. obesity is not a choice for most people either. The way people speak is usually a regional dialect depending on where you are brought up. The tv programme you watch should not define you as a person. The comments made by middle class snobs are cruel and unnecessary and these people ( police politicians condescending small business owners etc) should be held accountable for slander and defamation of character! you have no idea of the reason why a person has dropped their child off at school in their pj’s! just off night shift? small baby at home? running late? I see young girls going to school wearing nothing more than what should be considered a belt rather than a skirt! George Orwell had it right. This is a Big Brother scenario! What’s next? Curfews? Taking that woman to a cell…away from her children wasn’t just wrong, it was beyond contempt. As I said, I hope this was a joke..but sadly the way things are going, it just might not be. Freedom of speech has already been taken away… freedom of expression is next. She was wearing pajamas for goodness sake! She wasn’t nude! And people wonder what’s wrong with the country. Live and let live. As*holes!!

  91. Think its ridiculous. Some are single parents with a few kids and find it hard. Dont see what the problem is. At least they are still taking their kids to school. And they are fully clothed.

  92. Who gives a toss, the lassies covered up, she,s clearly no bothering or causing anyone any harm, if that’s what she wants to wear that’s up to her, who do these people think they are telling other people what they should wear never mind making it a law, it’s totally shameful and appalling that any can treat another person this way, should the polis no have other more serious issues to deal with, honesty this whole world and the people in it are going fucking Nutts if you ask me. Just my opinion though

  93. Should bring this to Easterhouse and sort my boyfriends minging haggered fag hag ex that does the school run minus the pj’s . But dresses like a 5p hooker with her minis and tight clothes and high heels that goes along with her fake blonde hair and leathery skin.

  94. I don’t believe that this is true for a second. There is no such law In place. I have no idea why a police “Chief” would be manning a police van in the first place let along arresting women for wearing pyjamas in the middle of a national policing shortage. Also the link posted goes no where. So I don’t think this actually happened?

  95. Tho is a joke ok she did kick off etc but not everybody who wares there pjs outside our lazy etc they could be ill etc running late its better to get the child in school and to the small business wo.an who was interviewed your nothing but a bias bitch and hope your business suffers you stupid cow really and the tory mp just as bad you idiot honestly and the police calling ppl maggots you should be disaplined to arsehole banning certain clothes to what the hell as it got to do with anyone bout the clothes we wear burkas etc are allowed so English ppl should be able to dress in what they like although I don’t think going shopping etc I pjs is right

  96. I have never read such an outraged article to these comments calling her child brats too harsh there innocent children no need for the name calling maybe she tried to get work or can’t work need to look at bigger picture instead of jumping to conclusions because you come from money and wealth it gives you the right to judge you’re just a junked up snob that was born with a silver spoon and the police chief using lazy maggots as a word to call that girl that absolutely disgraceful call yourself a man of the law and to raise pjs at a crisis meeting is there nothing else more important that needs brought up think use all need to take a long hard look at yourself disgrace to yourself

  97. Totally agree wi this. The reoffenders really get tae me they wear the same stinking pyjamas Monday tae Friday. Geez me the boak. Aboot time they done this.

  98. I saw her getting lifted. They had the sniffer dogs wi them. I overheard them say that they use them to tell if the suspects had the jammies on for a few days. And if they think from the dogs reaction that you have they charge you with more than one offence. The dogs where sniffing at her for ages on the street.

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