Cumbernauld: Man stabbed 12 times by masked home intruder in front of terrified wife

A terrified woman watched on in horror as a masked intruder stabbed her husband 12 times in their own home in the early hours of this morning.

The man broke into the house on Kilbowie Road, Cumbernauld at around half four on Tuesday morning but as he was creeping around the house he woke up the woman who tole her husband someone was down stairs.

When they went down to confront the man they seen he had stole the car keys and proceeded to fill the car up with goods from the house.

The husband confronted him and a scuffle ensued before the thief pulled a screwdriver from his pocket and stabbed the other man 12 times before making off.

He was taken to Monklands hospital where he remains but his family say he will be ok.

The woman phoned her son Craig Doyle screaming down the line as it all happened.

He said: “I got a phonecall at four 30 this morning from my mum in hysterics saying some dirty bast*rd had been in my house sneaking about, he managed to get ma da’s car keys and had been filling it up with stuff but my dad’s heard him and chased him out of the house and tried to grab him but during a scuffle he’s punctured ma dad 12 times with a screw driver we’re currently in monklands but thankfully he’s ok.

“Whoever this scum bag is he has left fingerprints and his hat so will be caught in due course will be absolutely terrorised.”

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