Coatbridge: Shocking bully video as young couple are attacked

A shocking video has emerged showing a young girl being attacked as her boyfriend gets chased away.

The 2 minute clip filmed in Coatbridge shows a boy and girl being followed by and harassed by three girls as at least another one films.

Eventually the girls attack the pair- and a couple of boys appear from behind the camera and chase the male away as one of the girls starts beating up the innocent victim.

The video was posted on Facebook by the victims auntie who says her niece has no idea who the other girls are or for what reason they attacked her.

She said: “Please share and help find the two girls who attacked my niece she doesn’t know the girls they just chased her and attacked her no one should have to go through that please help find theas girls so they can be punished i think there from the Coatbridge area”

We have seen this type of bullying so many times and it is sick and needs to stop!

Do you know the girls in the video ?

If so report what you know to the relevant authorities and get these thugs off the street.



2 thoughts on “Coatbridge: Shocking bully video as young couple are attacked”

  1. That’s shoking n one of them is called moneick a think they should be done with putting onrd life in danger it is a disgrace and hope they find these leassies n guyx

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