Coatbridge: Nazi dog’s owner guilty of hate crime over ‘gas the jews’ ‘joke’

A Scottish comedian who taught his girlfriend’s pet dog how to do a nazi salute every time it heard ‘gas the jews’ has been convicted of a hate crime after a clip of the bizarre act went viral online.

Right wing comic Mark Meechan has attracted support from all over the world from personalities such as American InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and race baiting rable rouser Tommy Robinson as well leftie comedian Ricky Gervais and jewish comic David Baddeil.

But that wasn’t enough to get him off the hook for the act he says was only meant to be seen by his girlfriend.

The 30-year-old from Coatbridge posted a video of the fascist dog saluting a video of war time leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler everytime it heard offensive phrases with the word jew in.

A court in Glasgow found the video to be ‘racist and anti-semetic in nature’ and he was found guilty of the hate crime under the communications act.

Meechan, who was joined by former EDL leader Robinson outside court as he told waiting journalists that he would appeal and that it was a ‘dark day in regards to freedom of speech’, will be sentenced next month and could face jail time.

Do you think it’s right that someone can be arrested for a joke (no matter how unfunny or in bad taste the joke seems to be?)

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