Clydebank: Man films junkie sh*ting in a bin right outside block of flats

When you got to go you got to go.

And it seems as if this man had no choice but to answer natures call right then and there.

This bizarre video has surfaced of a man defecating in a public bin just yards away from a block of flats in the greater Glasgow suburb of Clydebank.

Ted Friel came across the man going about his business as he made his way to his home from a mates in Dalmuir.

Without a care in the world the man dropped his trousers and took a dump in the nearest rubbish bin.

Pepole make glasgow the only way is clydebank 😂😂 howling here when u got to go u got to go 😣….

Posted by Ted Friel on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The disgusting clip has been viewed more than 30k thousand times on Facebook.

It is known that heroin use in Junkies, which the man is believe to be, makes it harder for addicts to “hold it in” as it weakens all the muscles.

So maybe the inconsiderate shitter should be cut some slack- even if he did his pull his trousers up without using bog roll.

Ted said: “People make Glasgow and the only way in Clydebank.”

What would you do if you seen someone shit in a bin?

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