Celtic boys club paedo Jim Torbett hiding out with former player in California


A former football coach and convicted child abuser accused of more heinous acts has been tracked down to America were he is staying with a former player he used to coach.

Notorious pervert Jim Torbett, jailed for historical sex abuse in the 90’s, was found by BBC journalist Mark Daly in California where he is hiding out with former Celtic boys club player William Gilbert.

Torbett is at the centre of new allegations uncovered by Daly during his BBC documentary on child abuse in Scottish football aired last month which revealed a list of convicted and alleged child abusers that have worked at most of the countries top-clubs at one point or another.

In the documentary former Celtic Boys Club player Kenny Campbell told his harrowing account of how the deviant groomed and took advantage of him and other young boys for his own perverse kicks.

But the BBC and Police Scotland were unable to track Torbett down for comment on the new allegations which date back to his second spell at the Glasgow club in the 1990’s.

However Mark Daly eventually received a tip-off that the convicted paedophile had ran-off to America to hide-out in the hope the latest scandal would blow over. But Daly managed to track him down and confront him about the accusations.

Alan Brazil was abused by Torbett in the 60s/70s

When he found Torbett he was staying with William Gilbert who played as a goalkeeper for Celtic boys club when Torbett was a coach in the 90’s. Torbett had struck up a close friendship with the teenage Gilbert which many regarded as an odd relationship at the time with Gilbert regularly staying at the home of Torbett, then in his 50’s, and both men even going on holiday together just before the shamed coach was convicted of abusing boys in his care.

According to reports at the time, Torbett had built up a close friendship with Gilbert from when he was around the age 15 and the pair became even closer when the teenagers dad committed suicide two years later.

It’s not known what, if any, relationship Gilbert has with Torbett today, but it is known that he definitely isn’t his son as he claims to be in the 5-minute clip.

Jim Torbett was jailed for 2 and  a half years in 1998 for abusing three former Celtic Boys Club players including radio pundit Alan Brazil in the 60’s and 70’s.

It was the pervert that founded Celtic Boys Club in 1966 despite having no background whatsoever in football and even growing up a Rangers fan, many believe it was a ploy for him to feed his own sexual urges and get close to teenage boys.

But he was sacked by Celtic in the 70’s after legendary manager Jock Stein had reportedly heard a rumour that he was acting inappropriately with some of the younger player and kicked him out the door.

However there is no record of the police ever being informed of Torbett’s conduct and he managed to become involved in Celtic Boys Club again after Steins death in 1985.

The new allegations focus on his second spell with the club that lasted until the initial sexual abuse scandal first came to light.

Jim Torbett denys all allegations against him and still claims he was wrongly convicted in the 90’s in what he claims was a witch hunt against him.

During the confrontation Torbett is defended by Gilbert who acts like a guardian for his former coach and friend and they eventually run the car over the foot of persistent BBC journalist Daly.

The video of the confrontation can be watched here.

Many have been wondering how a convicted child-abuser was allowed to enter America in the first place leading to many speculating that he never revealed his sordid past to border control.

Surely someone with his history and reputation should be kept under some kind of surveillance and not just be allowed to travel the world willy-nilly.

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