Celtic 2-0 Rangers: The best social media reactions

  1. All the usual celebrity fans start taking an interest, “where were you when we were away to Ross County last week” say Celtic fans. 

2. Waghorn relishing his new role as a winger.

3. Hampden advertisers sure know their audience.

4. When you need to relax during a stressful court case.

5. The Soundtrack to Kenny Miller’s pre-match interview.

6. This is how it feels to be Rangers.

7. An old classic

8. A helpline for depressed Rangers fans:



9. Some Rangers fans weren’t happy with the manager.

10. Others blamed the new coach…

11. “who’s laughing now” Celtic fans are making the obvious joke at this guys expense.

12. But i am sure we can all still be friends at the end of the day.

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