Cambuslang: Schoolgirl chased by man who approached her on bus and followed her home

A terrified schoolgirl is warning others after a man chased her home after harassing her on a bus when she refused to give him her phone number.
McKern Bowman from Cambuslang was at an area known as the Halfway on Thursday night when she noticed the creep following her.

He approached her at Hamilton Bus Stop and after following her on to the bus the black man in his 30s moved her schoolbag to the floor so he could sit beside her and ask her to add him on Facebook and give him her phone number.
When she refused he chillingly warned her that he “follow her home” until he got it. So she told him he was scaring her and asked him to move away so she could get off.

But a short while later as she was walking through Landcroft Park she seen him again and he started running behind her shouting her name- so she started to run as fast as she could- but when she looked behind her he was getting closer and closer- so she had to run into her mum’s friends house who luckily answered the door and contacted her mum.

Sending out a warning to others on Facebook she said: “This man approached me at Hamilton bus station tonight (Thursday 15th)and tried to speak to me before getting on my bus, the 267! He then got on my bus and sat on a seat close to me, he leaned over and asked to sit beside me to speak to me and moved my bag on the floor, he spoke to me from hamilton until I got off the bus, at first I just thought he was being friendly speaking about what he studied etc, he then asked for my phone number which I refused to give him, he then took my phone and was persistent on adding his Facebook.

“By the time I reached Kamran on halfway mainstreet he was asking for my number again, he told me if I didn’t give him my number he would follow me home and wait until I did, I told him not to say things like that to me and him told him that he had scared me and asked if he could move so I could get off, he let me off the bus at the petrol station on halfway main street and he stayed on the bus, I was walking up past landcroft Park when I heard someone shouting my name, he was walking up from the main road behind me, and continued shouting my name the full way, I started to run up the path “Ziggy” and when I looked back he was already on the path behind me, i ran straight to my neighbours who luckily answered and let me sit there until my mum came home!! Not usually one to post my life on Facebook as a status but I just thought people should know to look out for this man and be careful!!🙁x”

A massive thank uu to my Neighbours and my wee besties mum for coming to get me and get sure I was okay❤️x

⛔️Girls Please Watch!⛔️Halfway AreaThis man approached me at hamilton bus station tonight and tried to speak to me…

Posted by McKern Bowman on Thursday, November 15, 2018

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