Baby-faced sadist raped and stabbed teen in graveyard before carving his name on her arm

A “deeply disturbed” nazi sympathiser raped and attempted to murder a 15 year old pal after a late night talk about serial killers in a graveyard, in scenes eerily similar to the 2003 of 14-year-old Jodi Jones.

Miles Hughes, who was also obsessed with Satan and Killer Clowns, was only 17 when he attacked the young girl with a Stanley knife that he also used to carve his name into her arm.

The attack happened when the older teen started getting aggressive during a late night chat about serial killers and asked the girl “what would you do if i tried to kill you?”

After at first thinking he wasn’t being serious she started getting worried when he wouldn’t stop and tried to leave.

Baby-faced Hughes however wouldn’t let her leave and threw her to the ground before holding her down by the throat and violently raping her as she struggled to breathe. He then produced a Stanley Knife from his pocket and stabbed the under-age girl in the neck and chest before carving part of his name into her arm.

He only stopped when a passer-by heard the commotion intervened and chased him away before calling an ambulance to help the injured girl. Hughes then went to a friends house were he laughed and boasted about the attack telling his disgusted pal he enjoyed seeing his terrified victim “begging on her knees”.

When police raided his home in Dynham Road, Camden they found illustrations of far-right paraphernalia, Nazi symbols and drawings of Satan and Killer Clowns.

At his trial at The Old Bailey in London he denied trying to murder the girl but admitted to trying to “cause her really serious harm” but was found guilty by a judge that said he was a self adsorbed, jealous and most of all deeply disturbing and dangerous teenager.

18 year old Hughes smiled and waved to the public gallery has he was taken away to the cells to start his 13 year sentence for the sickening rape and attempted murder in Hampstead Cemetery.

The shocking attack took place in Hampstead Cemetery

Before teenage Jodi’s violent murder In Edinburgh over a decade ago, her 15-year-old boyfriend Luke Mitchell also asked her similar questions to the ones Hughes asked in the Graveyard, and she also had music lyrics carved on her arms.

After the 2003 murder that shocked Scotland a knife pouch found in Mitchell’s possession on which he had marked “JJ 1989 – 2003” and “The finest day I ever had was when tomorrow never came”

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