Ally McCoist’s story about Tommy Burns will have you in stitches

Ally McCoist and Tommy Burns have always been known as two of most popular characters in Scottish football with a famous sense of humour and enviable likability.

Two men who characterised everything that was good about their respective teams, they were as passionate as anybody but always managed to have a good laugh- be that in the dressing room, in the pub with supporters or even having a bit of harmless banter with fans of the other side. Because thats the kind of guys they were that they could even manage to maintain a degree of friendliness with rival supporters.

But sadly throughout most of their careers they were rivals rather than teammates bouncing of each other with wind-ups and patter.

So when they did eventually join up in the Scotland national team you can just imagine the kind of banter that would have been flowing.

Well Ally gives a little insight into it with this absolute zinger of a line from Tommy Burns at a Show Racism the Red Card event.

You can watch the full interview on Open Goal sports this Monday.

Absolutely outstanding series of interviews by Simon Ferry and a must watch for any Scottish football fan.

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