A few lads tooks a Syrian refugee back to a Glasgow gaff for bucky shots and patsys

Back in April we had one of the most heart-warming moments of an otherwise pretty grim year when a group of lads from Moodiesburn met a Syrian refugee in town and took him back to a gaff for a party.

The Refugee, believed to be called Ozman, met the lads when he was alone in Glasgow at the back of midnight but he ended up partying all night drinking Buckfast and taking lines of recreational drugs and even enjoyed some stolen scampi fries.

And to top it all he made some friends for life.

Pearse and Darren Starrs were in the group who met Ozman and they took them back to their house for a party as they had an “empty”.

Their brother Scott Starrs said “Ye think youv seen it all and your brother brings home a refugee.. to be fair some of the burds he’s came back with have been worse.”

Darran Starrs said “Best of it is ma maw says don’t have anyone back how the fuck we meant to explain this one.”

Pearce Starrs said “He is coming to Ibiza with us.”

Other comments on our Facebook post that was shared 2000 times and liked over 9000 were just as hilarious.

Scot Fleming said: “From Fleein a Civil War tae just Fleein.”

Chris Frew said: “He saw the state of Moodiesburn and thought ‘fuck this, I’ll take my chances in Syria'”

And Paul Baker said “Its stuff like this that make all other countrys love us scots…dnt give a fuck..everybodys welcome..but dnt take the piss..brilliant.”

Nice one lads we all hope it’s a friendship that continues into 2018. #peoplemakeglasgow

Brilliant 👏👏 a few of the troops met a Syrian refugee in town last night and took him back to a gaff in moodiesburn to get full of Bucky shots and patsys 😂 #peoplemakeglasgow #refugeeswelcome

Posted by The Glasgow Gospel on Monday, April 17, 2017

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