5 BIG reasons alarm bells should be ringing at Ibrox

Five years-ago Rangers fans faced their worst nightmare and have been living with the repercussions ever since so some may have been forgiven for feeling relief that they were back in the top-flight and that things would start to look up.

But it wasn’t to be. The shambles and chaos behind the scenes that their dedicated fans have became so used to have started to rear their ugly heads again. Say what you want about former manager Mark Warburton but at least he was a calming presence leading from the front and for a couple if years actually made it about the football again.

The moment our game changed forever 5 years ago

However since he left in the club under a dark cloud with assistant David weir and head-coach Frank McParland things have started to go down hill very quickly as the shambolic nature in which the club has run has started to be exposed with many now yet-again fearing for the worse.

And before we start we have to make it clear this is NOT from a Celtic fan or rivals perspective this is from a Scotland fan with no dog in the old firm fight but a fan of Scottish football who desperately want’s Rangers to get their house in order and put up a long term challenge to Celtic.

The last thing we need is for Rangers to go to the wall again but the most nfuriating about it all is the denial and indifference coming from some Rangers fans, especially after what happened 5 years ago. Even if it’s not as bad as it seems surely the fans should be demanding action before it’s too late and they end up sleeping into a 15 point deduction OR WORSE.

Here are 5 reasons that alarm bells should be ringing for Rangers fans

  1. The phantom “resignation”  of Mark Warburton and Davie Weir:

    We’ll pack our bags: Weir and Warburton left under a cloud

    During the transfer window there was rumours going around that Rangers were desperate to sell one of their most valuable players to service debts until the end of the season- but no real notice was taken of that until the management team were amazingly resigned on a Friday night less than 2 days before their next game. But right away the management team denied they had resigned and have threatened the club with court action. Cynics claimed the false resignation was purely an attempt to get three high earners off the wage bill without paying any compensation.

  2. No replacement manager brought in:

    Head over heels: but is Murty the required standard?

    Despite rumours of names like Frank De Boer and Alex McLeish being mentioned to replace Mark Warburton the under 20’s manager Graeme Murty has been put in charge of the first team for the “forseeable” future. Obviously meaning the club don’t have any new wages to pay out giving more credence to those that were saying Warburton and co had to be sacked to balance the books and the resignation was a sham. There has been murmurs of a director of football role and somebody being brought in until the end of the season but it seems more and more like the people in charge have no clear plan or direction that they want to take the club. No disrespect to Murty but even he has admitted he isn’t ready and feel daunted about the prospect of playing Celtic and Celtic Park and that was even before he lost to Dundee 2-1 to go 6 points behind Aberdeen. His record with the development squad is hardly inspiring either with the club with arguably the best youth facilities sitting 10th and a 16 team league. So could there be any other reason in giving him the job other than it being the cheap option?

  3.  Volunteer stewards for a “match-day experience”

             Club ad for Volunteers

    Things really started to get real when just after announcing Murty was to stay on an advert appeared on the official website asking for fans to volunteer at games without exactly being specific about what they were volunteering for (although sounded suspiciously like a stewards role) and seemed to be trying play on fans loyalties as if they haven’t been tested enough over the last 5 years. A club the size of Rangers asking for fans to volunteer would only be acceptable if the club was in dire straights surely ?

  4. Halogen heaters under the marble stair case:

    After the recent Scottish cup game against Greenock Morton a picture went viral on Twitter appearing show what looked like an electric halogen heater heating up the marble stair case. Again leading to rumours and speculation that the club for some reason had no central heating and were only heating it up on match-days.

  5. No badge on some of the strips against Dundee:

                 Lee Hodson with no Rangers crest on kit

    Just last week there were rumours on twitter and in the bloggers universe of a fall-out between Rangers and their kit-manufacturers have lead to the club only being supplied with a bare minimum of kits. So revelations that at least one player never had a badge on their kit meant people were quickly putting 2 and 2 together. The Northern Ireland defender did have a badge for the 2nd half however so maybe things aren’t quite as bad as they seem after all….


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