10 amazing times Glasgow stood up for what’s right and made us all proud

  1. When we Kicked terrorist ass: 2007 terrorist attack at Glasgow Airport.            

Scotland’s first and only terror attack was dealt with swiftly and soundly when a group of locals hijacked the terrorist as he tried to ram a burning jeep into Glasgow Airport in 2007. Baggage handler John Smeaton was out for a fag when he seen it unfold and got involved, a taxi driver waiting for a hire got out to kick the balls and others layed in to the would be terrorist leaving him hospitalised and fighting for his life. After the John Smeaton looked into the Sky News camera and muttered the immortal phrase “Don’t come to Glasgow or we will set aboot ye” and they haven’t come back since.


2. When we chased a rape apologist to fuck: “Menamist” Roosh V cancels Glasgow event after threats

 When a known Rape apologist from the states was embarking on the UK tour with his merry band of saddos he obviously never done any research into the cities he was booking or he might have thought differently. Within a couple of hours of Glasgow being announced as a destination the good people of the city made it clear he wouldn’t be welcome. Every date of his world tour was on his website with some having warnings of a possible disturbance etc but Glasgow was the only one to have a big red sign reading “WARNING: EXPECT VIOLENCE” and the Glasgow event was eventually cancelled. A mass counter anti-rape march took place instead.

Anti-rape protest in Glasgow


3. Our love affair with Nelson Mandela before it was cool. “While we were physically denied our freedom in the country of our birth, a city 6,000 miles away, and as renowned as Glasgow, refused to accept the legitimacy of the apartheid system, and declared us to be free.”

  Before Nelson Mandela was a universally loved icon and respected leader of South Africa he was still seen by many as just another activist put in jail for rising up against the establishment. Not in Glasgow however who supported Mandela all the way and awarded him with freedom of the city while he was still behind bars in apartheid-era South Africa. It was during that time they also renamed the street that the South African embassy was on “Nelson Mandela Place” and when the embassy tried to use a PO box number the Glasgow Postal Union refused to deliver it unless addressed to Nelson Mandela Place. When Mandela was finally released Glasgow was one of the first places he visited. He gave a speech at George Square and thanked the city for it’s support.

4.Hurricane Bawbag: The best name for any weather in history

 In 2011 severe windstorms were causing chaos all over the west of Scotland, trees were being ripped up from the roots, cars were being overturned, TRAMPOLINES WERE BEING BLOWN DOWN THE STREET and just general bedlam everywhere. But the freak weather didn’t dampen our sense of humour and the deadly wind was soon known my the name “Hurricane Bawbag”. It soon went viral and #hurricanebawbag was trending worldwide and being spoke about in news outlets as far away as Australia, Canada and the United States with celebrities such as James Cordon and Jimmy Carr joining in with the hash tag and praising the genius name.

5. The Glasgow Girls: When girl power showed the way
10 years on: The girls in 2015

In 2005 six teenage girls got to school at Drumchapel High one morning to hear the news that their friend Agnesa Murselaj and her family had been subject to a dawn raid and had been placed in a detention centre waiting for deportation back to Kosovo were they feared for their life. So backed by their teacher Euan Girvan the girls, Amal, Roza, Ewelina, Toni-Lee, Jennifer and Emma started a campaign to highlight the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees that quickly gained support in their local area and then the whole country with the girls eventually getting a meeting with then First Minister Jack McConnell. Agnesa and her family were eventually released from detention and the campaign was successful in it’s efforts to highlight the treatment of refugees, particularly child refugees in Scotland. Roza has continued to be involved in political issues and will stand in the Glasgow City Council elections this year for the SNP. 

6. Old Firm united in grief of a great: Ally McCoist and Walter Smith carrying Tommy Burns coffin alongside Danny McGrain and Peter Grant.

 In 2008 Scottish football lost one of it’s biggest, brightest and most loved talents in former Celtic player, coach and manager Tommy Burns who was only 51 and still working for Celtic as assistant to then manager Gordon Strachan. The same season Celtic and Rangers were involved in a bitter on-pitch feud for the title as Rangers also made their way to the final of the Uefa Cup so it’s fair to say tensions were running high. But when Tommy passed away right at the climax of a nail biting season all that rivalry was put to one side in mutual admiration of the man who was both a worthy rival as Celtic player and manager and a friend from their time in charge of the Scotland national team. The site of the two Rangers men in tears as they carried the Celtic legend’s coffin will always be remembered fondly in the city. On the day of the funeral the streets were lined with people waiting to pay tribute and show how popular he was and how much he managed to bridge the divide which can be far too bitter far too often

Legend: The late great Tommy Burns
7. Glasgow’s Games: 2014 Commonwealth games

There was plenty of cynics before the games started…. waste of money they said, what about they traffic they said, I don’t even like gymnastics they said… but when buy the time the opening ceremony had died down and action was underway the whole country was HOOKED. The stadiums and arenas were full every game,all the big stars turned up and really bought into the carnival atmosphere- summed up famously by Jamaican mega star and fastest man on the planet Usain Bolt dancing to The Proclaimers at Hampden Park– and team Scotland exceeded all expectations. Gallus mail worker Charlie Flynn stole the countries heart with his pre-match interviews and carefree attitude and the pride in his face as he belted out flower of Scotland on the podium after winning boxing gold rounded things up beautifully.

8. All the times we were politically sound AF:

Glasgow has always acted as something of a political conscience and heart of the nation with strong socialist values and sense of community throughout. Nearly 60% voted yes in 2014 and about the same voted remain in 2016 and for years we constantly rejected the tories through the whole Maggie Thatcher era and ever since. So it’s clear that Glasgow should just get to make all the decisions from now on as everyone else seems a bit clueless at this stage.

Bringing a Scottish flavour to the anti-Trump rallies

Just last month we joined in world wide protests against new American President Donald Trump, but of course brought some Scottish humour into it with some pure quality signs.

9. When Celtic fans risked a club fine and raised £180,000 for Palestine:

When Celtic drew a team from Israeli occupied land in former Palestine in the Champions League qualifiers there fans were warned by UEFA that any political statements would be punished. But during the game a whole section of the support displayed the flag of Palestine in front of the worlds TV cameras. And then when the club were given a £7000 fine from Uefa supporters group The Green Brigade decided to start a campaign to match the fine with a donation to Palestine and Palestinian charities. But they very quickly exceeded the £7000 target to raise more than £180,000 that they awarded to the chosen charities before a home game in January this year.


10. Pride flag at the City Chambers: For visiting Russian dignitaries in protest to Putin’s homophobic legislation

Just before representatives from the Russian government were due to pay a visit to Glasgow City Council in 2013 their President Vladimir Putin brought through homophobic legislation his government had been threatening for a while into official law. In response to this Glasgow Council decided to fly the pride flag from the city chambers during the Russians visit in a message to the world that Glasgow will always be a forward thinking and modern part of the world.

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